Student Life: Housing

Now that you have met all of our students and now that they have all arrived in Moscow, let’s take a look at student life in GITIS’ International Dorm.

The building overlooks a park and is surrounded by small apartment buildings. It’s a quiet spot, but is close to a few grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and most importantly a metro station (Marina Roshcha.) It is even walking distance from a large mall with a very large supermarket and a movie theatre. We are also walking distance from the Satiricon Theatre.

The building is very secure. It is gated and has staff on hand at all times. Only international students live here. There is rehearsal/classroom space on the bottom floor and all students live on the higher floors.

Let’s take a look at where the students live. Housing is divided into flats. Each flat in the dorm houses four students and has two bedrooms, a bath and a large kitchen. Take a look.


One of the two bedrooms. The second bed is behind the wardrobe on the right. The photo is taken from the door. There is a third wardrobe, a mirror and a coat/shoe rack to the left of the desks. (not pictured)

One side of the kitchen

View of kitchen from hallway

Bath. Yes, that is a heated towel rack!

As you can see there is plenty of space in each flat and everything a foreign student may need to make Moscow their temporary home. This semester further updates will be made to the kitchen and bath as part of the expansion of GITIS’ international programs. ¬†We will be sure to post the end result!