Alumni Testimonials

Gogol Center


Moscow has changed my life. It has jumpstarted my willpower and rewired my mindset. I’ve seen a visceral beauty in theatre I didn’t know existed. Never have I ever been so humbled and excited for the future. -Sonia Goldberg, MATS 2014





These past few weeks have been life-changing. Of the 16+ shows I saw, nearly every single one was more daring and brave and dangerous than the last. Not only that, but every single playhouse was packed with people from all walks of life hungry to see new and exciting theatre. Yury Nikolaevich Butusov’s productions of Good Person of Setzuan, King Lear, and The Seagull were, simply put, the greatest productions of any Theatre I have ever seen. If you get the chance, come to Moscow and see every show. It is an education in and of itself. -Patrick Hart, MATS 2014


Acting class is out of this world. I absolutely love our professor. He is a leading actor at MXAT and has such an open heart and keen mind. Every class will build quickly on the last and progress as deep and as far possible. He assesses you for where you currently are as an actor and gives the advice you need to grow in the right direction. -Masha Mendieta, MATS 2014


Words cannot describe this production of THE SEAGULL I just saw in Moscow. After I finally saw Chekhov and the crucial questions he asks relating to art, life, and our responsibility as artists come alive in such a bold way, I was moved to sobbing and beyond words. Even though it was in Russian, I got this show more than I have ever gotten a in the U.S. -Jessie Fahay, MATS 2014


I crave the rare immersive quality and commitment to excellence found at the Moscow Art Theatre School.  You are in a place where it is expected to demand everything of yourself, and in turn start to develop into a more aware, imaginative and unique artist. -Matt Van Oss, MATS 2010






Since graduating college last December, I have been working professionally as an actor. My training in Moscow has made me more marketable as a theatre artist. The experiences both in the classroom and in the audience have made me more rounded both as an actor and an ensemble member. Understanding how to work in an ensemble is essential in any career, and my time in Moscow developed those skills.I would recommend this program to anyone interested in furthering their study of theatre. – Marcy Thornsberry, MATS 2012



It was truly an experience I wish for every student of theatre. When I saw what was happening in those theaters, I felt something “click”. I understood why I loved this art form so much and how endless the possibilities were. – Melissa Fenton, MATS 2009