Meet our Students: Daniel Barnes

Each week before we leave for Russia we will introduce one of our students to you! We’d love for you to get to know us. While in Russia we will all update our blog through our website to keep you updated with the work that we are doing and the adventure that we are having!

Student of the week: Daniel Barnes

A note from Daniel: I get asked a lot why I want to “do theatre”. I think it stems from enjoying change. When we go to see theatre, we want to feel some sort of change in ourselves. As a performer, I want to help somebody experience that. I love making people laugh and I love the change it takes to become someone different. I was drawn to this program because of how unique it is. I have never heard of a program like this, and I think it is very special. I wouldn’t have access to these classes or amazing professors if I chose another path for myself. I want to be as well-rounded as I possibly can be, and I hope that what I will learn and do in Moscow will help. I hope that what I learn as a professional and as a person will be invaluable.