American Course at GITIS: Semester 1 Week 2

We started this program at GITIS because we knew that it would be something unlike any other theatre program in the world and that it would have an immeasurable impact on our students, on the university and on the foundation. Our program isn’t traditional. Our students don’t sit in class all day and read about theatre. They do theatre at Russia’s oldest and largest theatre school with some of the most celebrated Russian theatre professors. In the first full week we have been reminded of the importance of starting this program.

We have continued our Biomechanics and Russian classes from last week and our students are making great progress in both.

This week we have spent the afternoons taking a very unique acting/dance class with Oleg Glushkov. Glushkov has a background in classical dance and has brilliantly taken his background to bring something so unique and special to the actor. In his classes our students are focusing on using the strength, balance and control required of classical dance to move meaningfully on stage. They do this through a series of exercises ranging from contact improv to ballroom dancing. Glushkov has a way of presenting the importance of each principle in such an easy, relatable manner. He divides each two and a half hour class into three parts: partner work, choreography of the final performance, and physical training. This semester our students will be working with him for two weeks, but we have had such positive feedback that we hope to extend training with him into next semester.

And how did we spend our evenings? Well, at the theatre of course. There is an entire post on the theatre we saw this week that will follow soon!